Greening GGGW2019

GGGI is in the business of ensuring environmental and social sustainability while achieving economic growth in our partner countries. As such, the institute is committed to promoting sustainability in our day-to-day operations and consistently encourages, assists and advises participants in their efforts to make GGGI events climate neutral to the greatest extent possible.

Hosting a green event not only minimizes negative environmental impact, but also helps to raise awareness among participants and other stakeholders and improve sustainable practices in the host community.

What GGGI is Doing to Host Greener Events

Paperless Meetings
  • All meeting documents will be available in advance via website and printed copies will not be distributed at the meeting.
  • We also encourage all participants to minimize printing meeting documents.
  • Green Consumption
  • Considering lower carbon alternative, locally grown, organic and seasonal food will be provided.
  • Reducing Food Waste
  • Meals will be prepared based on the actual number of participants to minimize waste.
  • For buffet meals, varieties served under each course will be minimized. And it will be re-filled only when levels of food go down significantly.
  • Water and beverage will not be served but dispensers will be available at all session rooms for participants.
  • Alternatives to Disposable Items
  • Ceramic and glassware will be used for all meals/coffee breaks. If any disposable materials are provided, they will be all locally recycled.
  • Partner Engagement
  • GGGI provides green tips and reminders to all participants and actively encourage everyone to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • GGGI works with local vendors as much as possible to reduce carbon emission.
  • 10 Ways YOU Can Help Make GGGW2019 Greener

    Travel by foot or use public transport to the meeting venue.
    Only print what you need before travelling (black & white, double-sided).
    Bring Your Own Stationery (BYOS) as required to the meeting.
    Recycle your waste: bottles, cans, papers where this option available.
    Avoid food waste.
    Take the energy-saving option of not having sheets and towels changed every day.
    Turn down the heat by 1℃.
    Be conscious of how much water you use.
    Turn off lights, TV, air conditioner or heater when leaving the hotel room for the day.
    Offset your travel carbon footprint. Please visit the website below, if interested.

    Carbon Offset

    If you are interested in offsetting your travel carbon footprint, please visit Carbon Footprint GGGI

    For any questions or clarifications, email us: